Southern Feather Band or "SFB" started in October, 2009, when Lindsay Feather and Nick Nicolaides met after Nick answered an ad on Craigslist.  Nick answered ad to try out to be the rhythm guitarist for a country cover band.  

After hearing Lindsay sing he told her he couldn't do cover songs and she could learn his older songs or she could write new songs he would write music for.

She said that would be great and would do that another day.  "Another Day" is the first song they wrote together and they never looked back.

SFB is the first band that either Lindsay or Nick have been part of.  She was singing Karaoke and he was raising a family but always knew he would end up here just like her.  

Now, in 2016, After recording 2 albums and an EP, "How Far, They found an amazing bass player, Dell Hand and drummer, Matt Manucy, Dell's friend from childhood and now the lineup for SFB is set.

We will be adding much more information on these pages soon along with pictures, podcasts of practices and shows.  Follow us rise to where the dream over the next year.